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Furry Friends Formula for Dogs – Broad Spectrum – 150-450mg CBD

We know how much your dog means to you.  Sometimes, your pup needs a little extra help when it comes to calming down or just like you, relaxing a bit more without adding additional stress to their life.  Fourth of July might be fun for you, but for most pups, it’s their most dreaded night of the year!   Our Furry Friends Formula for pets takes all of this into consideration.  First, we start with Wild Caught Fish Oil as our oil carrier.  We chose Fish Oil over MCT oil because after extensive research, we found that MCT Oil used for dogs or casts with IBD may aggravate diarrhea or cause other digestive issues.  We didn’t want to use a carrier oil that could contribute to ill health.  Our carrier Fish Oil is high in Omega 3, EPA and DHA and comes from fish caught in the cold waters of Iceland at the lower end of the food chain, such as sardines, anchovies, herring & mackerel.  Not only are these species eco-friendly, they are sustainable sources of fish oil, sitting at the lower end of the food chain which ensures lower toxin levels than those at the top.  Our carrier fish oil is “human grade”, because if it is good enough for humans, it’s going to be great for your pup.

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Our Furry Friends Formula is specifically formulated for pets using human grade ingredients which include Omega 3 Fish Oil derived from Icelandic harvested, wild caught, Sardines, Anchovies, Herring & Mackerel.  We chose Fish Oil as our carrier oil because of its benefits as MCT Oil may cause additional digestive issues for your pet.

Our Broad Spectrum Formula contain 0% THC – NO THC in this formula.

Omega 3 Fish Oil has many benefits for your pet

  • It protects the heart – Fish oil has been found to reduce the heart’s vulnerability to developing an irregular heart rhythm.
  • Provides support for dry, flaky skin in allergy prone pets – Fish oil may reduce itching by decreasing inflammation stimulators called cytokines.
  • Helps slow progression of kidney disease – Fish oil may lower elevated blood pressure, decrease protein loss in urine, and reduce inflammation.
  • Aids arthritic joints – Fish oil helps reduce the stimulators of inflammation in the joints.
  • Improves neurologic development and cognitive function- Fish oil contains DHA which may help increase learning.
  • Lowers blood triglyceride levels – Fish oil may decrease harmful triglycerides levels in pets with heart disease, pancreatitis or IBD.

While the recommended dosing only provides about 1 ml of Fish Oil per serving, even a little bit, is better than potentially harmful MCT carrier oil.

Ingredients: Contains Premium wild caught sardines, anchovies, herring and mackerel and Broad Spectrum (0% THC) CBD per 1ml serving size. 30 servings per bottle.

Dosing:  For dogs under 20 lbs we recommend 5mg CBD per serving (1ml) given orally or mixed with food.   For dogs between 20lbs and 50lbs, we recommend our 10mg CBD per serving formula.  For dogs from 50-100lbs we recommend our 15mg CBD formula.  For dogs with body weight greater than 100lbs, we recommend 7.5mg CBD approximately for each 50lbs of body weight.  Depending on the size bottle you purchased, the ml amount will vary.

Monitor your pet after dosing.  Should you wish to increase dosing, increase in 2.5mg CBD increments over the course of several days to find the optimal dose for your pet’s situation and condition.

Do not administer to pets less than 1 year old or that are pregnant or nursing.  Broad Spectrum (0% THC) is generally considered safe for pets.

Should your pet exhibit signs of sluggishness or you notice your pet wobble when walking, discontinue use and then reduce the dosing amount.  These symptoms should clear out over the course of a few days after discontinuing use.

Canna Meadows Furry Friends CBD Formula for Dogs
Canna Meadows Furry Friends CBD Formula for Dogs
Canna Meadows Furry Friends CBD Formula for Dogs

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