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CBD Soft Chews – Chicken & Bacon for Dogs – 150 -600mg CBD

For pet owners, there’s nothing better than giving your dog a special goody! When they hear you open a jar of CBD soft chews for dogs, they’ll come running with their tail wagging, tongue out, ready to enjoy a delicious soft chew made just for them. They may even do their happy, tippy-tappy dance as they wait to savor the soft, chewy, CBD goodness. Made with only the best ingredients and the same Superior Broad Spectrum formula found in all our products, our CBD soft chews serve up a tasty, tail-wagging experience your dog is sure to love. There’s no better way to reward your precious pup than with our super delicious CBD for dogs.

  • Unique Superior Broad Spectrum formula made with different hemp extracts (Cannabidiol, Cannabinol, Cannabigerol)
  • Chicken & Bacon flavor your dog can’t resist
  • Gluten-free
  • Easy on small or sensitive teeth, perfect for older pets
  • Available in three strengths based on your dog’s weight

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It doesn’t get much better than the tasty combination of chicken and bacon-flavored soft chews! Your pooch will salivate with excitement every time you reach for a jar of these doggie delights. Our CBD soft chews for dogs are so full of delicious, wholesome goodness; Fido won’t even realize he’s also getting all the powerful benefits of CBD.  With so many mighty ingredients packed into one tasty snack, your dog will surely sit up and beg for more!Not only are these tempting morsels made with irresistible chicken and bacon flavors, they also have a soft, chewy texture that’s just right for doggos with small mouths or aging or sensitive teeth. If you want to help your best friend keep a spring in their step and enjoy everything their doggie day brings, these chews are the right choice to help them live their best lives. Offer up these CBD soft chews, and you’re showing your dog love by supporting their health and providing a yummy snack they can enjoy anytime of the day!


Our soft chews deliver CBD for dogs with no mess, no measuring, and no hassle: just open the jar, pop one out, and hand it over to Buddy or Bella. They’re sure to do their best tricks for this tasty option! These soft chews are portable, convenient, and easy to use for your (and your pets’) busy, on-the-go lifestyle.


CBD for dogs allows your pooch to tap into their true self: calm, happy, well-rested, and playful! When you introduce this resource into your dog’s daily wellness routine, you can see how CBD benefits their ability to manage everyday stress. With a consistent CBD regimen, your dog can find their calm even in situations that might trigger them, like thunderstorms or fireworks.


Exercise and physical activity are so important for your dog’s wellness, no matter its breed or size. While all pets have different needs and lifestyles, CBD for dogs can support your dog’s physical comfort as they pursue their favorite daily activities. Whether your furry friend is a mountain climbing athlete or more of a stroll-through-the-park kind of pooch, adding CBD to their daily wellness routine can help keep them moving and playing – from their younger years into their senior dog days.


These CBD soft chews were made with specifically designed Broad Spectrum formula using only hemp-derived CBD.  They are a wonderful addition to your pet’s wellness routine and they fit in well with a healthy dog diet plan, an appropriate amount of exercise, regular vistis to your vet, and of course, plenty of pets and snuggles.


These CBD soft chews are THC-free* so you can rest easy knowing your pet is getting nothing but the best. Each batch of CBD oil that goes into a Paw CBD product is tested not only in-house but also by a third-party, independent laboratory. You want the wellness benefits of CBD delivered in a tasty, wholesome product for your pet, and we understand that.

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